001 – Varinex

Varinex Inc. is 30 years old

This is the story of two R&D engineers, who, even in the „one-dimensional” Hungary of the 1980s, saw the future in 3D. VARINEX Inc. which made its first steps 30 years ago has become a leading company on the Hungarian market of 3D hardware solutions and professional 3D printing technologies.

1991 – In the wake of democratic transformation in Hungary, György Falk and György Voloncs,  founders and owners of the company, were searching for new opportunities in technology reconstruction, which area fascinated the two young engineers with its expressly interesting professional challenges. They returned home from foreign industrial and information technology fairs with up-to-date technical expertise and even state-of-art technical devices, as yet unknown and far from being widespread in Hungary.

THE BEGINNINGS – All this started with Autodesk’s AutoCAD design software, but already at the very beginning they were quite aware of a diversified portfolio. It was foreseeable that the various kinds of 3D technologies would sooner or later spread, and 3D software solutions, 3D scanners and 3D printers would become conventionally used all over the world.

1998 – Undertaking a significant financial risk, founders of Varinex bought their first 3D printer, expecting a bright future. Actually, they were the first owners and resellers of 3D printing technologies in Hungary. The investment proved such a success that in 2015 they opened the first digital factory and 3D printing technology center in Hungary.

By now, they have became one of the market leaders in Hungary with Stratasys solutions in industrial 3D printing and prototyping. 

THE FUTURE – They always provide customers with up-to-date and future-oriented solutions. They constantly improve their knowledge and expertise. They keep up with the times, as competition on the market always requires newer and newer approaches to business. They are proud of their continuous presence, because there are not so many who can pride themselves on having an unceasing aspiration to relentlessly develop their company, and research new methods and technologies for 30 years and continuing

1991-2021 VARINEX  – 30 years in three dimensions