013 – Tuxera

The solar system counts on us for file systems and data storage management

We live in an era of data-driven everything – where data loss means loss of precious moments, loss of device functionality, or even risk to critical operations. In this context, Tuxera sees itself as the protector of data integrity and longevity.

Tuxera is the leading developer of quality-assured storage management software for world-leading companies. Our company has roots stretching back to 1983. Tuxera’s file systems, flash management, and networking solutions are proven in billions of devices including phones, tablets, cars, TV sets, cameras, drones, external storage, routers, spacecraft, IoT devices, and more.

Although our software works invisibly behind the scenes, it’s critical to modern computing and modern ways of life. That’s why our storage software is failsafe, so data is securely stored for the long haul. It’s why we strive for the best performance, so rapidly flowing streams of data from multiple sources are properly stored. It’s why we work closely with our customers, understanding their data storage needs from the applications all the way down to the hardware.

And it’s why you can count on our software to store and access data. Data you depend on – rapidly stored, uncorrupted, and available exactly when you need it.

“Tündérek vigyázzák csillagjaink ragyogását”